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Without Stories

Let go of all your narratives — Capitalism and Socialism, Left and Right, Science and Religion, Good and Evil. Notice how beautiful the world can be Without these stories Continue reading

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Come Home to Your Body

Why don’t we spend more time in our bodies? Life has lots of ways to separate us, to send us on long trips into worlds of thought, emotion, or pure distraction, trips from which we may never come bac.k Continue reading

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What’s Fabulous About the Human Race

Alan is a Lutheran minister who goes to a meditation class with me in San Francisco. He’s about 60 years old but looks 40, tall and straight with sandy hair and a relaxed way with sweaters. He started meditating four … Continue reading

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5 Ways of Looking at Yourself

These five meditations will help you step outside your mind. You can see things differently out there.  I suggest trying one at a time over a series of days to see which you like. Some may not be right for … Continue reading

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Weekend in Nirvana

Why wait until you die to go to Heaven? It just might be all around you right now.  Many people claim to have gone to places of wholeness, love, and safety, where there is no fear, no separation from the … Continue reading

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