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Message from the Gods: You Can. Just Don’t!

Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it. More is not better. All spiritual traditions teach this, and nobody listens. Four stories of why we should. Continue reading

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Come Home to Your Body

Why don’t we spend more time in our bodies? Life has lots of ways to separate us, to send us on long trips into worlds of thought, emotion, or pure distraction, trips from which we may never come bac.k Continue reading

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Not Really Yours

Recognizing that we don’t own our feelings can be intensely liberating. Feelings come from somewhere. They are a reaction to something, but they are not our property. My usual reaction to the world’s problems is sadness or melancholy. The sadness is real, but it is not mine. Focusing on sadness is just a habit I’ve picked up. Nothing bad will happen to me or anyone else if I put it down for a while. Continue reading

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