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When Can We Stop

It shouldn’t be automatic that you’ll bear any burden and pay any price to extend life. Nobody lives forever. Continue reading

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Living in Crisis Time

For billions of people in the world, the crisis is not new and will not go away when the shutdowns are lifted or COVID is cured. The pandemic is just making existing challenges more intense. But we are here; the time is now, and the old ways can’t go on. Can we change ourselves and make the new ones better? Continue reading

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Strengthen Your Immune System

By eating right, getting sleep and exercise, touch, and laughter, we can greatly reduce our risk of COVID and other infections. Continue reading

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Chaos is the New Normal

Caitlin Johnstone says, “Things may get better; they may get worse. But they are never going back to normal. Normal is gone for good.” We have to create something better. Continue reading

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Corona Lockdown: Catastrophe and Blessing

The damage capitalism does can best be seen in the good things that happen when it grinds to a halt. Continue reading

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How I Became Oppressed

“If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you see your liberation as bound up with mine, let us work together.” Lilla Watson, Aboriginal activist Continue reading

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Revolution of the Heart

People are freeing their minds from the nightmare conspiracies that corporate media pass off as reality. They cannot stop our compassion or our wrath. Continue reading

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Parting with Money

People in Gaza or Gambia whom I meet online can share with me personal details and pictures; we can video chat on messenger apps. Now I know them, their families and their need. Continue reading

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Grateful for Mistakes

“What seems a mistake sometimes turns out a vital way forward on our healing path.” – Stephen Mitchell. How often do your missteps turn into good things? Mine sometimes do. Though sometimes, as in this story, it takes a very hard road to realize the benefit. Continue reading

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Without our beholding it, beauty might not exist at all. Appreciating beauty is part of creating it. Continue reading

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