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If Nature Were Our God

I believe in Nature, Earth and Sun, the sources of all life. Widespread belief could overcome social divisions and lead to a healthier world. Continue reading

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The Eagle and the Condor

The ancient prophecy only predicts there will be an opportunity in this place and time for the Eagle and Condor, science and spirit to come together. It’s up to us to make this beautiful, sustainable world a reality. Continue reading

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Heal the Earth, Heal Ourselves

“In the process of helping earth to heal, we help ourselves. If we see the earth bleeding from the loss of topsoil, biodiversity, or drought and desertification and if we help reclaim or save what is lost, through regeneration of degraded forests, the planet will help us in our self-healing and indeed survival.” – Kenyan environmental hero Wangari Maathai Continue reading

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Two Guys Who Helped Earth Heal

Humans have pushed Earth to the brink of ecological collapse. But people can also help Nature heal. Some have created near-miracles by allying themselves with trees. Continue reading

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You May Be Privileged

You may be privileged
If animals and plants
Give you their bodies
Each day, to feed your body. Continue reading

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How Free Markets Damage People and Planet

“Markets without restrictions are like cars without brakes,” writes Dr. Ha-Joon Chang of Cambridge. “They’re bound to keep crashing.” Continue reading

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Science Is A 4-Year Old Playing With The World

Capitalism’s need for growth and profit may be the force driving the world over a cliff, but science designed the train, and technology built it. Continue reading

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When We See Through the Narratives

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, “COVID-19 is a human tragedy but has also created an opportunity to build back a more equal and sustainable world.” Can we take the opportunity this crisis forces on us, and rewrite our society’s stories? Continue reading

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Corona Lockdown: Catastrophe and Blessing

The damage capitalism does can best be seen in the good things that happen when it grinds to a halt. Continue reading

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