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You May Be Privileged

You may be privileged
If animals and plants
Give you their bodies
Each day, to feed your body. Continue reading

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How Free Markets Damage People and Planet

“Markets without restrictions are like cars without brakes,” writes Dr. Ha-Joon Chang of Cambridge. “They’re bound to keep crashing.” Continue reading

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Science Is A 4-Year Old Playing With The World

Capitalism’s need for growth and profit may be the force driving the world over a cliff, but science designed the train, and technology built it. Continue reading

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When We See Through the Narratives

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, “COVID-19 is a human tragedy but has also created an opportunity to build back a more equal and sustainable world.” Can we take the opportunity this crisis forces on us, and rewrite our society’s stories? Continue reading

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Corona Lockdown: Catastrophe and Blessing

The damage capitalism does can best be seen in the good things that happen when it grinds to a halt. Continue reading

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