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Fight To The Last Ukrainian

We’re sending Ukrainians to their deaths and calling it solidarity. Former US Ambassador Chas Freeman says, “The US is fighting Russia “to the last Ukrainian.” The world doesn’t have time for this crap. Continue reading

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Don’t Blame Putin

Invading Ukraine was wrong, but Putin is not a monster. He’s not crazy, and he’s not Hitler. The US-centered empire pushed Russia into a corner and they lashed out. We are not the good guys here. We have a long history of aggressive wars and genocidal crimes and can’t tell anybody else what to do. We must speak and act for peace, not send more weapons to a war zone. Continue reading

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Heal the Earth, Heal Ourselves

“In the process of helping earth to heal, we help ourselves. If we see the earth bleeding from the loss of topsoil, biodiversity, or drought and desertification and if we help reclaim or save what is lost, through regeneration of degraded forests, the planet will help us in our self-healing and indeed survival.” – Kenyan environmental hero Wangari Maathai Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Disarm the Police

Police should not be armed except for very special assignments. Everyone will be safer, including the cops, when they shift from trying to dominate and threaten to working with the community they serve. Police are too traumatized, and trained to valued property over people, and control over service. Disarming will be a valuable first step toward healing. Continue reading

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When We See Through the Narratives

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, “COVID-19 is a human tragedy but has also created an opportunity to build back a more equal and sustainable world.” Can we take the opportunity this crisis forces on us, and rewrite our society’s stories? Continue reading

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Shutdown Forever

People would still have to work, but not to survive.
They could help others, grow food, create beauty.
Fix pipes and cables and roads, build things
Like the youth painting murals on boarded up windows. Continue reading

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Revolution of the Heart

People are freeing their minds from the nightmare conspiracies that corporate media pass off as reality. They cannot stop our compassion or our wrath. Continue reading

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Society Has an Immune Disease That’s Killing Us

The systems designed to keep us safe, like police, military, and intelligence agencies, have gone rogue and cause far more harm than they prevent. Our answer to social problems is always to control people, lock them up, not heal them or integrate their perspectives. Meanwhile, our physical and social infrastructure, our caring for each other, grow weaker and millions of people fall into the system’s cracks. Continue reading

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Can We Live Without Hope?

After the storms, fires, and wars of 2017-18, the ongoing climate chaos, the hundreds of millions of refugees, where is hope? And if we don’t have hope, what are we to do? You might be surprised to learn there are ways you can live well without hope.  Your life can still manifest beauty, love, happiness, and even humor. You can still do a lot of good. Continue reading

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The Happiest Man in the World

The point of the search is to realize there is nothing to search for, the destination of the journey is to realize that the journey never ends. Continue reading

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