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Alabama Amazon Workers Could Arrest America’s Slide

Unions mostly collapsed because large factories disappeared. Without large workplaces in which workers can associate, and without the power to shut down production with strikes, labor has a much harder time organizing. We are all living harder lives as a result. Now in Bessemer, Alabama, over 5,000 mostly Black workers at an Amazon warehouse may reverse that downward slide. Continue reading

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Don’t Dismiss Trump Voters

“We must grasp that our enemy is not someone who is politically incorrect, even racist, but the corporations and a failed political and judicial system that sacrifices people, as well as the planet, on the altar of profit.” Chris Hedges Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Disarm the Police

Police should not be armed except for very special assignments. Everyone will be safer, including the cops, when they shift from trying to dominate and threaten to working with the community they serve. Police are too traumatized, and trained to valued property over people, and control over service. Disarming will be a valuable first step toward healing. Continue reading

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Can Class Solidarity Beat Racial Division?

What made Paul Robeson and Fred Hampton so dangerous? They were able to unite people of different races and ethnicities on the basis of class, the unity our rulers fear more than anything else. Is anyone speaking like them now? Yes. Bernie Sanders. Continue reading

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Why Fear is Boss

Fear causes us to focus on the negative. You go to a party and eight lovely things happen – meetings, conversations, food, attraction, dance – and one clumsy thing – you bump into someone and they glare at you. You’ll probably remember the one negative over all the positives. This focus on fear is a survival strategy from long ago. If that one negative was a tiger behind a tree, you really needed to focus on that. Continue reading

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