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Cruelty Vs. Caring in America

Many Americans consider hard-heartedness a virtue. They call making people suffer, ‘promoting individual responsibility’ and have managed to create a society of widespread misery in the midst of affluence. Millions of Americans don’t go along with the cult of cruelty, though. They are fighting for a society based on caring, Continue reading

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The Things We Do For Control

At the personal, social or international level, our sense of being separate individuals adrift in an uncaring world drives us to seek control, when what we usually need is connection. Continue reading

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Why Fear is Boss

Fear causes us to focus on the negative. You go to a party and eight lovely things happen – meetings, conversations, food, attraction, dance – and one clumsy thing – you bump into someone and they glare at you. You’ll probably remember the one negative over all the positives. This focus on fear is a survival strategy from long ago. If that one negative was a tiger behind a tree, you really needed to focus on that. Continue reading

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