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Why Fear is Boss

Fear causes us to focus on the negative. You go to a party and eight lovely things happen – meetings, conversations, food, attraction, dance – and one clumsy thing – you bump into someone and they glare at you. You’ll probably remember the one negative over all the positives. This focus on fear is a survival strategy from long ago. If that one negative was a tiger behind a tree, you really needed to focus on that. Continue reading

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The Music of Life

Last month I was at a clinic getting my blood drawn. The Jamaican lab tech was singing the whole time. Her voice cheered me up and relaxed me. I asked her why she sang, and she said, “I just like … Continue reading

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Everyone on Earth

Three things you might not know about the people you share this world with: 1. Everyone on Earth is here to entertain you. Enjoy the show. 2. Everyone on Earth is here to teach you something. Pay attention. 3. Everyone … Continue reading

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Celebrate Your Variance

On the greater variance side, we find the artists, the change agents, the thinkers, the sexually adventurous, the loonies, all the people who give life some entertainment value. Continue reading

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