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wonders of the natural world and human life

Two Guys Who Helped Earth Heal

Humans have pushed Earth to the brink of ecological collapse. But people can also help Nature heal. Some have created near-miracles by allying themselves with trees. Continue reading

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Jonah in the 21st Century

Your calling may appear impossible, but if you run away from it, it will torment you for life. There may be no way it could happen, but it still might happen. Continue reading

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When We See Through the Narratives

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, “COVID-19 is a human tragedy but has also created an opportunity to build back a more equal and sustainable world.” Can we take the opportunity this crisis forces on us, and rewrite our society’s stories? Continue reading

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Grateful for Mistakes

“What seems a mistake sometimes turns out a vital way forward on our healing path.” – Stephen Mitchell. How often do your missteps turn into good things? Mine sometimes do. Though sometimes, as in this story, it takes a very hard road to realize the benefit. Continue reading

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A Lesson from Roses

Do we only get what we work for? Really, isn’t the world always giving us stuff? I mean, the Sun never stops giving. Neither does Earth. See the gifts in life. Continue reading

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What Does God Taste Like?

I sometimes think, ‘This is what God tastes like.’ Some people might think that’s weird, or even that I’m being blasphemous. It doesn’t feel that way to me; it’s an act of worship. It makes me stop to appreciate food more. Continue reading

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Happy Gratitude Day

I don’t like the term Thanksgiving anymore. It’s been stolen to teach us to feel good about genocide. But I do think giving thanks and getting together with family and friends and celebrating the harvest time is good. Here are 25 things I’m thankful for right now. Continue reading

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Life Imitates Facebook

Good and bad; it’s all on the Internet. Whatever you ’re drawn to, whatever you respond to or like, the programs will send you more of. The things you click on, you will receive over and over. If you respond to posts that make you feel bad, you create more opportunities to feel bad. Is life like that, or isn’t it? Continue reading

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The Metropolis Within

There is more going on in your body at this very moment than in all of downtown Tokyo at rush hour. Continue reading

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What’s Fabulous About the Human Race

Alan is a Lutheran minister who goes to a meditation class with me in San Francisco. He’s about 60 years old but looks 40, tall and straight with sandy hair and a relaxed way with sweaters. He started meditating four … Continue reading

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