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Remember being yourself, before the world taught you how to be Someone else?
Before you were wounded, before you were
Bullied, chastised, ignored into the splints you wear now? Continue reading

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Grateful for Mistakes

“What seems a mistake sometimes turns out a vital way forward on our healing path.” – Stephen Mitchell. How often do your missteps turn into good things? Mine sometimes do. Though sometimes, as in this story, it takes a very hard road to realize the benefit. Continue reading

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Improv with God

Improv is life. You are given a character to play: born with a specific body and mind, a particular family, a given place, time, and culture. Occasionally God calls out a suggestion. “Now you fall in love.” “Now you get cancer.” How do you respond? Continue reading

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It All Starts with You

All change, personal, social or political, starts with yourself. You can’t change anything without having it change you, too. Continue reading

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First Inn by the Healing Path Book Available Now

Read the new Healing Path book. The Inn by the Healing Path: Stories on the Road to Wellness, Book 1: “Never Alone,”is now available from all major e-book retailers including Smashwords and Kindle. Please take a look, sample the first 30% for free, buy ($2.99,) write a review, tell your friends, share on FaceBook and other media. Continue reading

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Unwanted Blessings

When painful things come to you, look deeper. They may be blessings in disguise. When my friend Nora was 24, she married Fredrik, her tall, good-looking high school sweetheart. She supported him through medical school and residency in San Francisco, … Continue reading

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You Can Go Home Again

After 29 years, Marlon is going home. If he can figure out where and what home is. Prison “never felt like home. You have to be thinking, be aware of your surroundings and the people you are around at all … Continue reading

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