Improv with God

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Dev Rogers treated her cancer as a kind of liberation. Diagnosed when she was 70, she underwent a year of surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation with all the misery and fear those treatments bring. Her response: she took up acting.

“Cancer gave me permission to act,” she says. “I was attracted to acting as a child, but it never translated. Now I thought, ‘Why not?’”  She took a class at her Neighborhood Playhouse, joined a theater company and has since played in several off-Broadway shows.

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3 Responses to Improv with God

  1. Linda Martin says:

    I admire the attitude of Dev Rogers. It’s wonderful that she got to do things she had always wanted to do. And I see completely where you tie in the improv with illness. I was just thinking the other day about going on vacation in a couple months with my brother. He is in bad health and I don’t get around too well. I keep saying it’s too much trouble, too hard to pack all our meds and equipment, too much to do at home, etc. Reading this made me stop and think—yeah, but what if I knew he or I would die in 6 months—wouldn’t I be glad we arranged a vacation together now? Wouldn’t I be glad we had a week or so to enjoy the mountains one more time? Yes! I think I’ll call him tomorrow to see if I can make the reservations and start planning. We may not feel very good and it may be hard, but we will improvise as we go. Thanks for opening my eyes to what I needed to see.

  2. Flo Kelly says:

    I love that the ‘Yes…And’ improvisation of your life has led you to inspire us through your writings that you so generously share.

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