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Improv with God

Improv is life. You are given a character to play: born with a specific body and mind, a particular family, a given place, time, and culture. Occasionally God calls out a suggestion. “Now you fall in love.” “Now you get cancer.” How do you respond? Continue reading

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Unwanted Blessings

When painful things come to you, look deeper. They may be blessings in disguise. When my friend Nora was 24, she married Fredrik, her tall, good-looking high school sweetheart. She supported him through medical school and residency in San Francisco, … Continue reading

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Seeing People Right

Last week I went to a playground with my granddaughter Anaya on a rare sunny day in San Francisco. A mother came in with her seriously disabled nine or ten year old son. He had cerebral palsy, and his mother … Continue reading

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Help Without Helping

Lao Tzu says, “Teach without talking.”  I had a teacher like that once, who showed me the meaning of support.  This teacher was different from others I have had, in that it was green and didn’t move much, let alone … Continue reading

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