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Remember being yourself, before the world taught you how to be Someone else?
Before you were wounded, before you were
Bullied, chastised, ignored into the splints you wear now? Continue reading

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Palestinian Scholars Fight Tech Censorship

By erasing the AMED Studies page, Facebook is assuming a vast power that all conscientious users must reject: the power to ban university academic programs from their platform, especially those that center on justice for Palestine. Continue reading

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You May Be Privileged

You may be privileged
If animals and plants
Give you their bodies
Each day, to feed your body. Continue reading

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How Free Markets Damage People and Planet

“Markets without restrictions are like cars without brakes,” writes Dr. Ha-Joon Chang of Cambridge. “They’re bound to keep crashing.” Continue reading

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Who Would You Be Without Yourself?

Freedom is often a question of letting go of the stories that chain us down. Continue reading

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The Dragon and the Bug

Soon, most of the businesses, jobs, entertainment, and schools that made up Sam’s inner world lay in broken heaps. People who could still work, worked for less, slept in the street, ate what they could. It got harder for Sam to stomp around the world or pretend to be great when its insides were in so much pain. Continue reading

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Living in the Masters’ House

We live in the masters’ house. You look out the window, and you see exactly what the masters want you to see. A world of fear, full of terror, of scarcity and constant competition for necessities. How do we dismantle it? Continue reading

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Born Again

Where do you go when you get out of prison? How do you start your life over almost from scratch? How relevant are those challenges to those we all face? After two years outside the prison walls, Marlon has some experiences that seem highly instructive and inspiring for all of us. Continue reading

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