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Animals Enjoy Life. Why Don’t We?

The fable that animals’ lives are miserable hurts in two ways. It justifies treating them badly, since whatever we do to them can’t be any worse than what they suffer anyway. And it tells us to gratefully accept however little we are given, because it’s better than what the animals have. Continue reading

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You May Be Privileged

You may be privileged
If animals and plants
Give you their bodies
Each day, to feed your body. Continue reading

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Listen To The Donkey

It could save your life          Image: Iva Rajovic instagram.com/eklektikum Do you ever feel like some unseen force is blocking you? Self-help books, therapists or coaches might help you find a different way forward, but wait! Maybe the world wants … Continue reading

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The Animals Are Trying to Save Us

In one celebrated case from Ethiopia, a pride of lions came across a group of men who had kidnapped a teenage girl, possibly for sale in the sex trade.. The lions ran the men off and sat around the girl until people came to find her. Then they quickly left. What explains their behavior? What can we learn from them about ourselves? Continue reading

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The Music of Life

Last month I was at a clinic getting my blood drawn. The Jamaican lab tech was singing the whole time. Her voice cheered me up and relaxed me. I asked her why she sang, and she said, “I just like … Continue reading

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