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Animals Enjoy Life. Why Don’t We?

The fable that animals’ lives are miserable hurts in two ways. It justifies treating them badly, since whatever we do to them can’t be any worse than what they suffer anyway. And it tells us to gratefully accept however little we are given, because it’s better than what the animals have. Continue reading

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Listening to Bees

When I first approach the trees, I don’t see many bees around them. But the longer I watch quietly, the more bees I see. Soon, I’m amazed by how many there are. I think all life is like those bees. If we take the time to observe quietly, we will be thrilled by how much there is to see, hear, touch, taste and feel. Continue reading

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Five Things Not to Think About

Thinking about sex is the opposite of doing it. Thinking in general is the opposite of experiencing. Save the brain for what it evolved for, solving real problems, and give it a rest when you want to create, love, laugh, relax, or be sexy. Continue reading

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