The Animals Are Trying to Save Us

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“People talk about saving the animals. But really the animals are trying to save us.”  Adelia Sandoval, San Francisco 2015

What did this Native American healer mean?  How could animals save people, and why would they want to?

Adelia Sandoval

Adelia Sandoval

Some believe that animals are indeed out to help us, and we should pay attention to them. Understanding the human-animal connection could tell us a lot about who we are. It could help us heal ourselves and our planet.

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2 Responses to The Animals Are Trying to Save Us

  1. Linda Dilworth says:

    I agree. Animals are very intuitive and know when we are sick or in pain or even afraid. My dog has shown me in many ways that this is true. Once when I fell and couldn’t get back up, he laid his neck across mine and cried as I cried. He knows I am afraid of bugs and will alert me when he sees one inside the house, even going after it. If someone gets too close and behaves in a threatening manner, he will growl and even go after them. He is a Dachshund.

  2. Morris says:

    Very nicely written, David!

    Here is the full bbc link to the lion story –this one does not return a 404l Page not found message. A Google search reveals much coverage of the story, although I missed it at the time

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