Born Again

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“This has not been easy,” my friend Marlon said.  “But after 29 years I can tell you, the worst day out here is better than the best day in prison. I’ve come a long way.”

In 2014, I wrote about Marlon’s impending release, his struggle to come home, and the challenges he still faced. Two years later, he has accomplished astonishing things.

Marlon’s story inspires me from two sides. He has received blessings and help from the world, and he has transformed himself.  His patience and persistence made people want to help him.  His energy, flexibility and determination enabled him to benefit from their help.

As Laurel Mellin wrote in The Solution, “Nobody is going to rescue you from your life.” But you can rescue yourself, and when you try, the world may help you in unexpected ways.  It’s working that way for Marlon.shelby

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3 Responses to Born Again

  1. Dev Rogers says:

    Grateful to be inspired.

  2. Tammy says:

    Lovely. Very few of us learn the lesson of patience and determination when things are so difficult. It’s so easy to give in to despair and frustration, which in turn lead to poor decisions. Marlon leads by example after such a tough life.

  3. Patricia Monagle says:

    No wonder you hung in with Marlon for all these years. Obviously, you saw the strength, patience, and especially the good in your dear friend. It is truly a beautiful and inspiring lesson for all. Horray for Marlon!!!

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