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Ten Quotes Beyond Despair

“When things fall apart, the hopelessly radical becomes commons sense.” Charles Eisenstein
“When you decide to just be brave, it opens up way more possibilities than trying to be perfect ever could.” – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Even in despair, there are possibilities. Continue reading

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Living in the Masters’ House

We live in the masters’ house. You look out the window, and you see exactly what the masters want you to see. A world of fear, full of terror, of scarcity and constant competition for necessities. How do we dismantle it? Continue reading

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The Things We Do For Control

At the personal, social or international level, our sense of being separate individuals adrift in an uncaring world drives us to seek control, when what we usually need is connection. Continue reading

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Born Again

Where do you go when you get out of prison? How do you start your life over almost from scratch? How relevant are those challenges to those we all face? After two years outside the prison walls, Marlon has some experiences that seem highly instructive and inspiring for all of us. Continue reading

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The Story of Your Life

Say you are a movie director shooting a film of your own life. How do you see the story unfolding? Is it a biopic, perhaps starting when your parents got together, and ending with a touching funeral?  Do you star … Continue reading

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The Soft Survive

Lao-Tzu wrote: Living people are soft and tender Corpses are hard and stiff The living grass, the trees, are soft and pliant Dead they’re dry and brittle So hardness and stiffness go with death Tenderness, softness go with life And … Continue reading

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Not Fearing Death

When I worked at Mt. Zion Hospital in San Francisco, I had an 82 year old cardiac patient named Wilson.  First name Mel, but he preferred just “Wilson.” He was one of those classic crotchety old guys, wrinkled, with a … Continue reading

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