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Yes, We Can Afford Nice Things

The federal government can no more run out of money than the Google Play Store can run out off apps.
Inflation is not a threat to anyone but credit card companies and banks. Continue reading

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9 Good Questions About UBI – And one great answer

Where UBI supports capitalism and strengthens markets, an federal jobs guarantee (FJG) is more socialist, because governments would decide what jobs would be available. Both are good. Start with UBI now; work toward an FJG. Continue reading

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Shutdown Forever

People would still have to work, but not to survive.
They could help others, grow food, create beauty.
Fix pipes and cables and roads, build things
Like the youth painting murals on boarded up windows. Continue reading

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Parting with Money

People in Gaza or Gambia whom I meet online can share with me personal details and pictures; we can video chat on messenger apps. Now I know them, their families and their need. Continue reading

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The Things We Do For Control

At the personal, social or international level, our sense of being separate individuals adrift in an uncaring world drives us to seek control, when what we usually need is connection. Continue reading

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