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In what bandages have you wrapped yourself?

What splints do you wear to protect your injured places?

How does that padding limit you?

What have you lost in trying to be safe?


Remember as a child, when you ran free, tumbled and played

Remember being yourself, before the world taught you how to be

Someone else?

Before you were wounded, before you were

Bullied, chastised, ignored into the splints

And casts you wear now?


You may have forgotten those feelings; we all forget sometimes.

But your body knows who you are.  Maybe

You still need those bandages, maybe you don’t.

Maybe those old wounds are actually healed by now.

Could you take off some of your wrappings

And move how you want to move?


Can you imagine how it would feel

To run, to fly, to sit still when that is right

To tell the world, ‘This is who I am. Accept me

Or let me go?’


Can you imagine being free?

Can you accept life’s responsibilities,

And find freedom within them?

Sending you the courage to find out.

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