Everyone on Earth

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Three things you might not know about the people you share this world with:

1. Everyone on Earth is here to entertain you. Enjoy the show.
2. Everyone on Earth is here to teach you something. Pay attention.
3. Everyone on Earth is here to give you an opportunity to love. Go for it.

Does everyone on Earth being here just for you sound pretty self-centered, or a bit crazy? Of course people have other jobs, too.  Perhaps I should tell a couple of stories to explain.

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2 Responses to Everyone on Earth

  1. Flo Kelly says:

    I love it. We can view the drama in front of us as entertainment. I will try to remember this concept, especially when the drama is up close and in the house. I will certainly try to learn from the drama and pour love on it, which should be more forthcoming if I view the drama as entertainment.

  2. Linda Martin says:

    Having just lived through two years of extreme drama at work, I just wish I had your wisdom to view it as entertainment and picture myself as an actor in the drama. That is a great survival tool that I will try my best to hold on to for the future. I truly enjoy reading your blog and learn something new in every one. I must remember that other people are here for my education, entertainment and love. I just wish I could share your wisdom with my Facebook friends. If you have a FB page I haven’t found it. Would you consider creating a page there? I know many who would enjoy and benefit but only read what is shared by others on FB.

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