The Happiest Man in the World

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Long ago in what is now Kazakhstan, a man named Jameel reached middle age. His children were grown. He had some land and a little home; he was doing well by the standards of the time. But he wasn’t happy.

He felt there must be more, so he sought help from a series of teachers. He studied yoga, practiced meditation, learned philosophy, but he still wasn’t happy. Finally, he traveled over the mountains to see a renowned guru.

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4 Responses to The Happiest Man in the World


    This past year has been quite a road trip of the soul for me. I took off down what I thought was the Happiness Highway, but it turned into a road called Suffering. I figured it wouldn’t last long, so I kept going. It turned onto a street called Perseverance. A little farther, it became a trail called Character. This eventually followed a way called Hope. My tank was getting a little low, so I pulled into a filling station and topped off with Love to make sure I would get there.

    I originally set out in one direction, but wound up going in a completely different one.

    Funny how life does that, huh.

  2. ClydeLeland says:

    Seems like the Reverend Mr. Black (“You gotta walk that lonesome highway, you gotta walk it for yourself . . . “) provided the same message as this guru without being a dick about it.

    • admin says:

      I’m not sure who the Reverend Mr. Black is, but I like that song. I think “providing a message” wouldn’t have worked. Jameel had to actually get out and walk the highway. Maybe we all do?

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