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The Blessings of Capitalism — and How they’re killing us

Capitalism is not conservative, it’s not liberal. It’s a religion. A Costco store is a capitalist temple. The shelves are altars; the checkout lines are our communion. Continue reading

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Science Is A 4-Year Old Playing With The World

Capitalism’s need for growth and profit may be the force driving the world over a cliff, but science designed the train, and technology built it. Continue reading

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Weekend in Nirvana

Why wait until you die to go to Heaven? It just might be all around you right now.  Many people claim to have gone to places of wholeness, love, and safety, where there is no fear, no separation from the … Continue reading

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The Power of Acceptance – as told by Job

If any Bible story speaks to people with chronic illness and other long-term miseries, it’s got to be the Book of Job. Job’s story is about the healing power of acceptance. As presented in Job, the idea of “God” might … Continue reading

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