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Addicted to Sad

If you find yourself doing something even while telling yourself, “I shouldn’t do this,” or asking “Why am I doing this?” or hiding the fact that you are doing it, you are probably addicted to it. Continue reading

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Not Really Yours

Recognizing that we don’t own our feelings can be intensely liberating. Feelings come from somewhere. They are a reaction to something, but they are not our property. My usual reaction to the world’s problems is sadness or melancholy. The sadness is real, but it is not mine. Focusing on sadness is just a habit I’ve picked up. Nothing bad will happen to me or anyone else if I put it down for a while. Continue reading

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Other People’s Joy

If you can be happy for other people’s good fortune, you will have an endless supply of things to be happy about. Continue reading

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Getting Involved

Acquaintances and casual friends are important, but they don’t make you wake up saying, “I can’t wait to see so-and-so today.”  What keeps us going is close relationships with others. Many of us fear forming close relationships, because they inevitably … Continue reading

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