5 Ways of Looking at Yourself

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These five meditations will help you step outside your mind. You can see things differently out there.  I suggest trying one at a time over a series of days to see which you like. Some may not be right for you, and all at once would be too much.  As with any meditation, you will be distracted; your mind will wander. Just keep bringing your attention back to the theme as best you can. We’re not grading you. Find a quiet place and at least ten minutes and go for it.

Outside / Inside
See yourself from the outside. Imagine you are in the room watching yourself, or watching through a camera on the ceiling or the wall. Notice how you move, how you interact with the environment, how you feel. Are you comfortable? Are you present?

See yourself from the inside, from your body’s point of view – your breathing, your muscles, your organs. Feel as much as you can. Realize you are a physical body. And you are the one watching that body.  Your thoughts take up most of your time, but thoughts are only a small part of who you are. 

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