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The Boxes We Live In

Corporate media managers work day and night to surround us with narrative walls that function like distorting mirrors in circus fun houses. Continue reading

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Message from the Gods: You Can. Just Don’t!

Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it. More is not better. All spiritual traditions teach this, and nobody listens. Four stories of why we should. Continue reading

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Five Times Denial is Good for You

If you deny a self-destructive habit, you could cause serious harm to yourself or others. Drunk driving would be a classic example. But in other situations, denial can be good for you. When is denial damaging, and when it it healthy? Continue reading

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Don’t Ask Why

Most times, “why” doesn’t matter. There’s nothing we can do about what has already happened. Why did your company downsize your job? Why did I get multiple sclerosis? I can wonder, but what difference does it make? The point is deciding what to do now. Continue reading

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Because It Can’t Last

“Do not confuse value with permanence.” – Irvin Yalom Charlie Jane Anders hosts the Writers with Drinks literary events every month at San Francisco’s Make Out Room. The dimly lit club drips with streamers, glitter, a jumble of art work … Continue reading

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Celebrate Your Variance

On the greater variance side, we find the artists, the change agents, the thinkers, the sexually adventurous, the loonies, all the people who give life some entertainment value. Continue reading

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