The Things We Do For Control

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How much of human behavior comes from a need for a sense of control?  More than you might want to believe.  When it comes to health, money, love or safety, people get very insecure. We want more control, and this drive can take us to some unhappy places.

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2 Responses to The Things We Do For Control

  1. sek1 says:

    Thoughts on inward facing control vs. outward facing control? Or control vs. mastery?

  2. Lorraine Starsky says:

    There is much to think about here. Generally, the more someone tries to control others, the worse the outcome. It is true on a micro level and it is definitely true on a macro level. My late husband, who was Jewish, would agree with your analysis of Israel. It pained him greatly to see the government of Israel as close collaborators with the apartheid regime of South Africa.

    I was emotionally, physically, and sexually abused as a child and my childhood trauma has played a major role in my quest to control how I am treated. No surprise, I tend to hold grudge against people who do not treat me or others in a kind and respectful manner. As much as possible, I have tried to channel that mistrust and drive to control into participation in fights for social justice. I may not live to see a world that operates on the basis of dignity, respect, and justice, but perhaps my efforts may play a small role in making this world a better place for future generations.

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