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Talking Down to People Won’t Convince Them

I used to wonder why conservatives called liberal academics and entertainers ‘elites’, If professors and actors are ‘elite,’ what do you call billionaires and heads of corporations who actually run the world? Well, now I know Continue reading

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9 Good Questions About UBI – And one great answer

Where UBI supports capitalism and strengthens markets, an federal jobs guarantee (FJG) is more socialist, because governments would decide what jobs would be available. Both are good. Start with UBI now; work toward an FJG. Continue reading

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Parting with Money

People in Gaza or Gambia whom I meet online can share with me personal details and pictures; we can video chat on messenger apps. Now I know them, their families and their need. Continue reading

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Society Has an Immune Disease That’s Killing Us

The systems designed to keep us safe, like police, military, and intelligence agencies, have gone rogue and cause far more harm than they prevent. Our answer to social problems is always to control people, lock them up, not heal them or integrate their perspectives. Meanwhile, our physical and social infrastructure, our caring for each other, grow weaker and millions of people fall into the system’s cracks. Continue reading

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