Prepare to be Amazed

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“To be awake is to live in a constant state of amazement.” – Jack Kornfield, paraphrasing the Buddha

Last month I was lucky enough to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was a family event; there were eight of us ranging in age from 2 to 90. Tickets and motel were pricey but more than worth it.

We went for the new exhibit called “Tentacles,” displays of octopus, squid, cuttlefish, and nautilus.  I hope you get to see them. They absorb your attention; they are beautiful and intelligent, but I spent most of the visit watching the jellyfish instead. These creatures are so simple that they have no brain at all, but they show how wonderful life can be.

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8 Responses to Prepare to be Amazed

  1. June says:

    Thank you for this. You have given my life more significance. It is magnificent even tho I have so little to offer anymore. Just being is a miracle.

  2. Pat Gray says:

    thank you for these words of good advice for us. I really like the suggestion of us saying thank you more specifically–to think more of what we are thankful for. The note your neighbor girl wrote to her mother was so touching in her mentioning the reasons she was so happy her mother was there with the family.

    While my health is not so good right now, I still have so much to be thankful for and I will try to pay more attention to the good stuff. It is easy to get bummed out by the bad stuff that we neglect to notice the good.

  3. Patricia Monagle says:

    Such a beautiful, thoughtful piece, David. I enjoyed the way your article just naturally flowed from one vignette to the next seamlessly uniting them into one lovely tale It is truly inspirational and beautifully written. Well done.

  4. Angelee says:

    Okay, okay… so it’s taken me 2 1/2 months to finally read this blog, but is that reason enough to be dumped into purgatory? Wondering day in and day out, “What are the ways people find to “live in a constant state of amazement?”

    Page three won’t load… 😉

  5. Sorry page 3 won’t load for you Angelee. It seems to be working for other people. I will send you the page by e-mail so you can read the rest. Hope you like it.

  6. Peggy Boatright says:

    God bless you David. You are helping us to focus on what is important in life.

  7. Lore Tilley says:

    Hi David 4 Peace,

    With your amazing article you have just transformed my life, … and the awesomeness of my body. Thank you!


  8. judy says:

    I think your mumbo jumbo should be spewed somewhere else. There is no morality in this piece. Sex is not to be taken lightly. We as humans are not to act on how we feel all the time, read the bible. Your running diatribe doesn’t even come close

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