More Meaningful Than We Know

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Seven years ago, I was rescued by people who never knew they were saving me. That May, I was stressed out about finishing my first book, and trying to pay bills with free-lance writing gigs. Because of stress or for some other reason, my multiple sclerosis started going downhill fast. My fatigue was terrible. I would spend about two hours a day working at my computer, and the rest of the day I was mostly in bed. I would go for days seeing no one but my wife, Aisha. 

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14 Responses to More Meaningful Than We Know

  1. Toni Gilbert says:

    Nice story, David. We certainly live in an interactive world. One never knows how you might be affecting others. The best thing to do is keep your eye on the sparrow and do good works and don’ t quit. Later, Toni

  2. Lovely essay, David. Thanks for calling attention to it. – Ellen

  3. Happy to see this published!

  4. Deb Burgard says:

    David, I am so glad you still have your earthly body among us others with earthly bodies, and that it allows you to think and write and reflect – and inspire us. Thank you.

  5. DJ Woolley says:

    I once read a quote (can’t remember from who): “90% of life is just showing up”. Or something to that effect. This has been validated countless times in my personal experience, most recently by you showing up for me just when I needed it. I can only hope to return in kind.

  6. Esther Roberts says:

    Oh David, this is so inspiring! I find that all of your writing creates a place called “hope” even when you tell a story that has sadness in it! Thank you so much for finding a way to point out the rainbows, the sun, and to tell stories with such sincerity and poetry that my world feels better for having read your work! You are a special person!

  7. Angelee Dion says:

    Thank you, sweetheart. Your essay helped me let loose a few drops of purifying saline. And inspires me to write some stories of my own. (Or have them ghostwritten. ;^)

  8. salome hancock says:

    wow, David- your writing presence is so real and lovely. thank you very much for messages of hope you send to others in many and various ways. you make a difference- what is better than that

  9. Nancy Eastman says:

    David, it’s been a long time since we talked on the phone about my cardiac support program-like 2 years. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of knowing part of your journey. This is especially meaningful to me as I have had to leave the spin bike, tread mill and walking up hills. I am now part of a water aerobics group that is having the same positive effect as your group did. How blessed we are to have options. Thank you so much for your gift and ability to share.

  10. Lynn says:

    Hi David,

    Thank you for sharing your story and insights. It is a powerful reminder about the effects of presence and being one’s self.

    I can relate. Group effect cannot be underestimated.

  11. Marie Hansen RN MSCN says:

    I only hope I gave my clients the same inspiration you give me.
    It is the one thing I miss about not seeing patients. They helped me as much as they told me I helped them.

  12. Dorothy Lefkovits says:

    David, I enjoyed reading your essays. Nice writing style. You might enjoy my son’s limericks written under his blog name, Dr. Goose. They are usually about the finance industry. I found that I’ve saved over 150 of them so I am now printing out my own little booklet. Your prose has inspired me to try selling short stories again.

  13. Arlene Jech says:

    This was a great story. Just like a nurse, I say, as one. We want to be on the “helping others” side, and have a hard time accepting our own worth. I love your website, and the idea behind it. Write-on!

  14. Anh says:

    David, thanks very much for sharing this beautiful story!

    It means a lot to me and other readers.

    And Blessings to both you and your wife Aisha, David!

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