Seeing People Right

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Last week I went to a playground with my granddaughter Anaya on a rare sunny day in San Francisco. A mother came in with her seriously disabled nine or ten year old son. He had cerebral palsy, and his mother held him up with her hands lifting his underarms. That way he could take a few struggling steps at a time.

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6 Responses to Seeing People Right

  1. Patricia Monagle says:

    Beautiful ideas and quite inspirational. It is well written and concise, but it certainly leads to a deluge of past judgements rendered from my limited point of view. Certainly,
    Stephen Hawkings has enjoyed his life all these many years. I believe it is not just limited to uninformed judgements that one makes these calls, but also to fear.

  2. Rose says:

    This is one of my favorite posts. I’ve been volunteering with L’Arche and learning more about developmental disability, and I think your post makes a beautiful point. Andrew Solomons book “Far From the Tree” has some insights you might appreciate.

  3. Emily Coles says:

    I always enjoy your writing, David! Such good food for thought 🙂 Thank you!

  4. Donna Vogel says:

    There is a corollary in how we reward or show appreciation for people: Better to give recognition that the person would like, not what we ourselves would want to receive.

  5. M Evans says:

    Yes. Too easy to feel one is thinking/understanding, when actually judging/assuming.

  6. Nurse Tim of the Yukon says:

    Hey, this is meaningful stuff, enjoyed it.

    One of the miracles in life is that we can still experience joy even in the midst of our sufferings. Some of the strongest people I’ve met may appear as the weakest; it has nothing to do with physical ability. I have learned so much from people I have cared for over the years, it is humbling. It has been a journey from enablement, to one of empowerment- this has made all the difference.

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