Pioneer Days Are Over

It’s time to become Native to this place.


Many descendants of the new arrivals act like they still have one foot on the boat,  like they’re just going to be here for a while, take what they can, and go somewhere else. Where will they go?” Native American elder as told to Robin Wall Kimmerer Ph.D. in Braiding Sweetgrass.

What motivates pioneers?

Who becomes a pioneer?

Photo by Francesco Gallarotti on Unsplash

Becoming Natives

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2 Responses to Pioneer Days Are Over

  1. Roger Eaton says:

    Hmm — maybe delivering meals by car is not what is prescribed! Alas, I am stuck with my job, but you make many good points and I particularly like the Musk vs indigenous peoples meme. Farmers are changing their ways, but too slowly. Non-destructive farming is more profitable, but the transition is costly. That’s where government could provide the money to bridge the change. Tricky, though, because every farm is different, and the government has a hard time dealing with details.

  2. admin says:

    Good points Roger. If restorative farming became the worldwide norm, much environmental damage could be reversed. But I guess that would mean a billion or so people moving from cities back to farms. For any of these changes (transportation, employment, policing etc.) we would need a government that could inspire most people to change and come up with competent plans for implementing.

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