Water Spirit Rising

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“Nothing in the world is as soft, as weak, as water.
Nothing else can wear away the hard, the strong
and remain unaltered.
Soft overcomes hard
Weak overcomes strong.
Everybody knows it
Nobody uses the knowledge.”

Lao-Tzu, Chapter 78

“We are water. ”
Saying of the Standing Rock Sioux

Something important is happening, and you are part of it. The Sioux at Standing Rock, North Dakota, are protecting water, and it is a battle of mythic dimensions. It’s like the Ramayana or Lord of the Rings. It’s Mordor vs. Middle Earth, money power vs. people power, wealth and weapons against love and solidarity.

The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) threatens the water supply of 18 million people, starting with the Sioux.  American megabanks have each invested hundreds of millions of dollars in DAPL. Militarized police are pushing it through. The pipeline represents the force of world capital and militarism, oil and money, arrayed against Earth and a courageous group of Natives who won’t back down, who react only with prayer and love.


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2 Responses to Water Spirit Rising

  1. Susan Shawl says:

    Thank you David.
    Beautifully said.

  2. Elaine Elinson says:

    This is a really powerful piece, David — thanks for posting it to the JVP list. In addition to your eloquent thoughts, I really appreciate that you put all the contact information for activism, donations, protests, etc. That connection is often missing from even the most well thought out essays. Yet they are a crucial component if we can take the feelings generated by your piece and translate them into action.

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