Life, Jazz, and Basketball

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Aisha and I were at Yerba Buena Gardens listening to the Dafnis Prieto sextet, a fabulous Cuban jazz group. The concert was on the lawn; the day was sunny and cool, my favorite weather. The band featured a trumpet, sax and trombone along with keyboard, bass, and Prieto on a huge drum and percussion set. They make a lot of sound, polyrhythmic and soaring.

Dafnis Prieto

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2 Responses to Life, Jazz, and Basketball

  1. Tim says:

    It seems that every one of us has been brought into this world to be unique, and to share our unique gifts in a complementary way, one body, many parts. Our greatest purpose in this life is to contribute to lifting one another up in realizing our potential and exhorting one another to a meaningful life.

    But sometimes, I find myself comparing me to other seemingly great achievers, and it makes me feel rather insignificant. Then I am reminded that I contain the ability to love my fellow human beings, and that is the most noble purpose in this life.

    The human race is a team relay- run a good race when it’s your turn to carry the baton, and, eventually, we will all get there together and share in the victory!

  2. In a jazz group and on the basketball court everyone knows what the final result should be, and the individuals contribute to the final result.

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