Beyond Gratitude

There is a place of joy

Image: Aman Shrivastava aman-shrivastava-w6caoaJzXIE-unsplash.jpg


I’m not one of those saints

You see walking around beaming

Giving thanks, radiating peace.

Maybe I would, if I could walk, but

Still, sometimes a feeling comes

Beyond thanksgiving. Blown away.

Overwhelmed by the bounty I’ve been given.


Sometimes my life is like

Being treated to a global feast.

Sushi and salad, meats and breads

Fruits and vegetables, drinks and desserts

Samosas, noodles, soups from five countries

More than I ever dreamed.

Where did this come from? What did I

Do to deserve it?


Then if I’m lucky, I stop thinking

Stop wondering and give myself over

To tasting the feast, listening to the musicians

In a place beyond gratitude

Without guilt for those who do not have

In delight, like a saint on the street.

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